Parket House Services

Perfect interior – not only a proper design of walls, ceilings, installation of interior doors, but also the choice of floor covering, which is consistent with the overall style of the home or office. Therefore, one cannot do without the help of a qualified professional.

Company Parket House offers consumers a full range of professional selection and installation of all types of flooring, installation of interior doors and a variety of other services required in the process of repair of apartments, offices, town houses.

Our company provides a variety of services and activities, providing the client the whole spectrum, from consulting to restoration work. All work is performed by qualified personnel who have received special training.

Measurement works

A specialist sets off to do measurements.


No extra costs for the delivery of goods within the city.


Over the years, we have accumulated extensive experience in flooring laying. During this time, there has been developed a balanced system of rational laying methods using professional materials and modern equipment.

Restoration work

Restoration of parquet – the return of former beauty and life extension of floor covering.