Technical information

The process of laying a parquet is quite difficult and responsible, and the quality of its performance depends not only on such factors as human skill, producing packing, and availability of all the necessary tools and materials, but also on what is used as a basis for stacking. For example, concrete screed, but experts still reluctantly lay parquet on the bare concrete, often using as an intermediate layer an ordinary plywood between the screed and the parquet. We will try to tell in details about how a parquet is laid. Using plywood as a base has a number of advantages. Firstly, they can be used to level unsmooth concrete floor to form a horizontal plane of the floor. Secondly, plywood provides additional insulation. Plywood subfloor can be made in two ways. The first way is when the plywood is placed on logs. The second option of laying plywood – directly on the concrete base. This option is valid only in cases where there is a completely smooth concrete screed.

One of the main problems, faced by many homeowners while outfitting the interior of various types of buildings, is cold which carries the floor design. Aforementioned problem allows us to solve the issue of warm floor, or rather – the installation of a special heating system of floor design. Parquet board for warm floor – a real opportunity to make your home warm and beautiful. Contrary to the opinions of many people that the floorboard cannot be laid on a warm floor, we argue that – you can!

It's no secret that one of the most exploited sections of the apartment was always floor. For this reason, it can quickly lose its original appeal, which subsequently lead to repair. In most cases, these types of flooring can be found in urban apartments: tile, carpet, parquet and linoleum. Among all these coatings, parquet recovery is the most time consuming. Renovation work with the subsequent finishing of parquet flooring during overhaul of facilities recommended in the last turn. The process of parquet restoring consists of several stages: floor repair (loosening, creaking, cracking, and so on) or elimination of defects, preparation of parquet to lacquering, as well as immediate varnishing of parquet flooring.